Pirates fundraising

Pub Nights

Pub nights are such a staple in the dragon boat community. Not only do they allow the team to raise money they also allow the paddlers a chance to get together in a non paddling setting.

Dates for the Pirates Pub Night will be detailed once confirmed. Check back often.

Booze Baskets

Someone once asked me, "What is a booze basket?". "Well", I said. It is a basket that is filled with booze. "How do I win a booze basket?". "Well, you have to buy raffle tickets and hope to hell you win it", I replied.

Tickets will go on sale once the baskets are created. Check back for more details

Parking Detail

Each year the Fraser Valley Paddling Club gets together with the Chilliwack Fair to help out with their parking detail. Club members volunteer their time to help park vehicles throughout the Fair.

The cost of parking is done by donation. The donations are collected and distributed to the teams based on the number of shifts each volunteer completes. Its a great way to help raise much needed funding to offset the costs associated with our sport.

50/50 Draws

50/50 draws have been around since the beginning of time (or so it seems). Teams sell tickets and the money collected is split between the winning ticket holder and the team. Another great way to generate team funding