About The Pirates
A little info about the Pirates Dragon Boat Team

In The Beginning

The Pirates were born when a member of the Fraser Valley Dragon Boat Club decided he wanted to try his hand at coaching his own team. Ian Paul took it upon himself to reach out to the local community to find some scalawags and cut throats that would be brave enough to go paddle the open seas with him.

Ian was able to swash-buckle a full crew and off he went with his drunkards. A Pirates lot all of em as the story goes. The crew worked hard and played harder. Unsure if more partying was done or more paddling.

The end result proved positive with the team winning their first medal at the Kelowna Dragon Boat Regatta in the fall of 2005.

Crew members have come and gone over the years but the traditions that were started back in 2005 still shine bright today. You will be able to spot a Pirate a mile away as their jerseys are very bright and very unique. You still find Pirates in the beer gardens after and sometimes during a regatta and you will definitely find Pirates at the podium collecting their bounty.

Our Jerseys

Spotting a Pirate at a dragon boat regatta has always been an easy endeavor. Their jerseys are traditionally bright and vibrant and unique to only them.

That has not always been the case though. The original Pirate jersey was a black t-shirt with a white logo. These shirts were worn for the first year only. The matching hoodie was also a great way to accessorize during that first year.

The following year the Pirates went away from the t-shirt and adopted a more colourful look. The new quick dry jersey saw the addition of red sleeves and a red neck with the same logo from the year before

These jerseys saw the Pirates through to the summer of 2009. A completely new design and colour scheme came into affect in July of 2009. White background with a dark blue blast pattern came from the center of the shirt. An updated logo was located over the blast pattern with a new font used to spell out Pirates. The red sleeves adorned the logo, the Pirates catch phrases and a Maple Leaf to signify Canada.

The spring of 2015 saw the latest design come to be. An island view with sandy beaches and palm trees swaying in the foreground. A large pirate flag thrust into the ground as if the island had just been claimed. A Pirate ship lurking in the background.

The Pirates

The Pirates are a proud member of the Fraser Valley Paddling Club. Formed in the spring of 2005 we loving bunch of scalawags have a flavourful and storied history.

We are a wonderful blend of ladies and gentlemen from all different backgrounds, walks of life and paddling experience. We have some seasoned vets, others with a handful of years under their belts and a whole bunch of brand new paddlers. We all have one thing in common and that is a love for paddling and the fun and comradery that follows this great sport.

We love racing and playing on the water. We practice twice weekly during the season and ask that our team members make at least one of those practices. We participate in a number of regattas during the year. These entertaining events can take us all over the Lower Mainland and sometimes beyond. Participation in these regattas is not mandatory.

With the beginning of a New Year come new goals to reach for and definitely more fun to be had. We are looking for some new men and women to jump aboard and try their hands at this exciting sport. No experience is required. All equipment supplied. There is no time like the present to join. We hope to see you on the water with us this year.

Why Become a Pirate

Join the Pirates for the 2018 season and make this spring/summer an unforgettable one.

Get off the couch and back into your community. Enjoy a lifestyle only a water sport can provide. Join a team of crazy, fun loving people who can make your mundane weekends a little spicier.

Learn an internationally acclaimed sport (dragon boating is one of the fastest growing water sports in the world). Race against other teams from around the area. Disconnect from the pressures of work or family and reconnect with yourself. You also get to wear the coolest team shirts ever. Just sayin.

Contact Us

If this sounds like something you are interested in then please contact me right. I will get back to you with 24 hours. Promise

Scott Farrell - NCCP Trained Coach email: swfarrell@gmx.com H: 604-858-8464 C: 604-799-8464